Apple Wants ChatGPT To Be Part Of The iPhone: Talks Are Advancing To Reach An Agreement.

Both companies began talks in early 2024, but it seems that they are now serious.

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The main reason why Apple is the company it is today and enjoys the status it has is thanks to the success of the iPhone. Without a doubt, this is the reference smartphone on the market, from which the competition learns and inspires; at the same time, it is the reason why the company continues to be one of the largest in the sector despite its limited range of products and services.

And, despite the efforts of other manufacturers, who achieve devices of a very high level and features, which are also cheaper than iPhones, as a general rule, everyone would stay with a model from the Apple company.

However, Apple knows that they cannot relax and that the competition is increasingly tough, which is why they want iPhones to take a leap in quality and features to secure the crown. Everything indicates that Artificial Intelligence is going to be the differentiating technology, and for that reason, the company, which internally is very behind when it comes to its own AI, wants to take the best of the best.

For this reason, as Bloomberg has discovered, Apple has resumed conversations with the most famous AI company, OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, with the aim of including its technology within its smartphones.

The truth is that it was at the beginning of this year that both companies began talks to reach an agreement with the aim of being able to integrate this AI within the services and functions of the next iOS 18, the operating system that they are preparing to launch soon.

Journalist Mark Gurman recalled in this preview that the next iPhone operating system will include several features based on Apple’s large language model (LLM). On the one hand, we have already seen that Apple wanted to introduce Gemini, Google’s AI, into its system, and now, after having paused conversations with OpenAI for a few months, they have resumed them in search of final agreements.

After spending years “ignoring” the growth of AI, Apple has had this technology blow up in its face. This is because all the big companies in the sector have their own projects and investments in this technology so as not to be left behind, while the company on the block has just gotten into a rush and wants to recover ground.

This is why, in recent years, Apple has not stopped signing new agreements and collaborations with smaller companies dedicated to AI, such as AI Anthropic, among many other examples.

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