CRM And Emailing: The Combo For Successful Campaigns

91% of companies with more than 11 employees use a CRM. Furthermore, half of the structures with fewer than 10 employees are equipped with them. The success of this type of software is linked to the various advantages it provides. But did you know that there could be even more of them? Simply combine CRM and emailing to multiply the benefits. Zoom in on this winning duo!

CRM Emailing: What Is It?

Mailing constitutes a precious rope that it is wise to add to the bow of a CRM. Before discussing the interest of such a combination, it is necessary to return to the definition of these two terms.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) primarily refers to the strategy implemented by a company to manage its relationships with its customers and prospects. On the other hand, this term designates a software solution designed to help a structure place a customer at the heart of its concerns. We also speak of a CRM (customer relationship management) tool.

Centralizing all customer and prospect data, a CRM has a notable positive impact on several areas, namely:

  • Sales management. All customer information is stored in one place. Your sales teams can, therefore, easily access the data they need to work;
  • The customer relationship. Centralized data gives you the ability to personalize interactions with your target. Also, it allows you to understand the behaviour and preferences of your customers, which helps you offer them a more relevant experience. This improves their satisfaction and promotes their loyalty;
  • Client service. In addition to being able to personalize the responses they provide, your customer service agents become more responsive to data from a CRM.


Emailing is a direct marketing technique that consists of sending informative, promotional, or transactional messages to a targeted group of people or businesses using the email channel. This is a powerful communication lever. 89% of marketers surveyed said that email is their primary lead-generating channel. Another study reveals that 52% of Internet users prefer to interact with brands by email, a larger share than those who favour social networks (45%).

Mailing is one of the marketing techniques that generates the best return on investment. While email campaigns involve low costs, they can reach a large audience while ensuring precise targeting through mailing list segmentation.

Emailing allows you to create real proximity with your target. Indeed, you can send contextualized emails such as birthday messages, special offers or even abandoned cart reminders. Enhancement of your brand image and mailing brings significant added value to your customer relations.

Why Are CRM And Emailing Complementary?

CRM and emailing mutually reinforce each other in customer relationship management. The data stored in your CRM solution can be used for email marketing. Information such as consumer purchasing behaviour, preferences and history of interactions with your business will allow you to personalize your mailing campaigns.

Furthermore, you can use the information centralized in a CRM to precisely segment your mailing lists. This way, you will be able to target specific audiences based on criteria such as geographic location, age, gender, interests, lifestyle, etc.

Emailing CRM also allows you to take advantage of automation. As an illustration, follow-up emails can be triggered after a customer service interaction is recorded in your CRM system. The continuity of the customer experience is thus guaranteed.

In addition, exchanges with customers by email can be saved and monitored using CRM emailing. Your different teams will have a complete view of the engagement of their contacts, which will allow them to adapt their approach depending on the situation. 

CRM emailing also guarantees consistent communication with customers. By supporting your campaigns with updated data from your CRM solution, you will avoid inconsistencies. This will allow you to strengthen the trust that customers have in your business.

On the other hand, the leads generated thanks to emailing campaigns can be integrated directly into your CRM. Tracking and managing leads will become easier. Your employees will be able to easily determine the most promising leads, that is to say, those on which they should focus their efforts. 

In addition, emailing CRM allows you to precisely evaluate the results of emailing campaigns thanks to the analysis and reporting functionalities of your CRM tool. Thanks to the KPIs (key performance indicators) highlighted by the latter, you will be able to identify the actions that have borne fruit as well as the shortcomings of your strategies. All of this will guide your future decision-making. 

What Are The Advantages Of CRM Emailing?

The advantages of CRM emailing are varied. The most important ones are detailed below.

Better Contact Segmentation

Segmentation plays a vital role in communicating with your contacts. First of all, it allows you to personalize interactions with them. It also improves the opening rate and the click rate. What’s more, it makes it easier to analyze the effectiveness of mailing campaigns.

By bringing together all the essential information about your customers and prospects, your CRM improves your knowledge of them and allows you to implement fine segmentation of your contacts. In this way, you will be able to target each group with a suitable campaign.

In other words, emailing CRM will allow you to send the right messages to the right people. This optimizes the impact of your campaigns and improves your conversion rate.

A Way To Nurture Leads

CRM emailing is a powerful way to nurture leads, that is to say, to maintain or strengthen the relationship with them. Some of them may be hesitant to sign a contract. Sending emails helps guide them through their purchasing journey. However, you must choose carefully the messages you send them.

As leads are still thinking, it is appropriate to provide them with educational content that addresses their issues to help them move forward. It is also wise to share customer testimonials with them and offer them special offers to maintain their interest until they convert.

Emailing CRM will allow you to automatically send email sequences aimed at nurturing your leads. Drawing on the data stored in your CRM tool, the personalized content they will receive will make them feel closer to your brand. They will then be more inclined to become customers.

A Human Communication Channel Close To The Target

The mailbox is a direct and personal communication channel. Open almost every day, it creates regular opportunities to interact with customers and prospects. Emailing CRM allows you to exploit this channel by sending relevant and engaging messages.

However, it should be noted that consumers are bombarded with advertising messages on a daily basis. You must, therefore, stand out from the competition to be able to make sales. By allowing you to precisely segment your target, personalize the messages sent to them and provide content with high-added value, CRM emailing gives rise to a more human and more authentic approach that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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