Google Tricks You Should Know

There are entertainment-oriented Google tricks, such as those related to the “I’m going to be lucky” button or the one that takes you to Google in 1998. Knowing them can put a smile on your face, although it will not change your business results.

To make a difference concerning your company’s finances, you may be more interested in knowing the consequences of other types of surprises: their updates.

Updates: The Most Popular Google Tricks

Marketing professionals can benefit from knowing what each search engine update consists of. Doing so will allow them to understand more fully what changes have occurred as a result of it and how it has affected the pages that, in some cases, would have even lost positions.

Google updates often change how the engine understands queries or web pages. This can lead to different changes, such as:

  • That some pages suddenly gain positioning.
  • That there are sites that better fit the algorithms for no apparent reason.
  • The concept of search changes, and there is a new vision about what the user needs when making a particular search query.

Each time an update occurs, the list of results is transformed. At times, these kinds of tricks are almost imperceptible changes Google and other large-scale movements. When pages, as a consequence of one of these events, lose positions, it is not because they have made a mistake, but because the algorithm’s judgment about what is relevant and what is not changed has changed.

Rather than amend a bug, they need to figure out what is prioritized and adapt to the new reality.

Google could also introduce more rich FAQ results that would eventually affect a web page’s visibility in search results (positively and negatively). It is an example of how factors external to an online site can negatively influence search rankings.

Therefore, when the company website is found to have undergone an adverse change in search performance, it is good practice first to look outside to try to understand what may have changed and then go back to the web and see if you can get additional information.

Staying up-to-date on these types of Google tricks can make a difference concerning the brand’s web traffic and secure an advantage in terms of competitiveness.

Marketing managers of the company can enter the SEMRush sensor to find out what has changed concerning the search engine, follow Google on Twitter (since it is through this channel where news and updates are announced) or consult the HubSpot Blog, where after each change, they usually publish explanatory articles that help to understand the consequences of the new vision of the search engine.

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