LinkedIn, The Network For Professionals Par Excellence

LinkedIn is the professional network par excellence in terms of employment due to the following data:

  • More than 700 million users and more than 55 million companies
  • 90% of recruiters turn to LinkedIn to find talent
  • Up to 25% of users are actively looking for a job, and up to 80% are seeking to improve professionally 

However, having a presence on LinkedIn is not enough, and you have to take action and be active. Hence the false rumor that there is no employment on LinkedIn is not valid.

Searching only for job offers does not work either on LinkedIn or other platforms or portals. And this is a reality because only 20% of job opportunities are published, which means that the real options are in the hidden market. In that 80% of the best offers move that only come to us through contacts, acquaintances, friends, or family, and it is precisely here where LinkedIn plays its proper role.

Every employability strategy involves having a well-defined and well-defined professional objective. Therefore, a correct employability strategy on LinkedIn also requires following some steps and an action plan focused on these aspects:

  • Your profile
  • Your contents
  • Your interactions 

Take Care Of Your Profile On LinkedIn

Following a logical order, the first thing to take care of on LinkedIn is the profile because it is our showcase and generates an idea about who we are as professionals. To have a detailed profile, these seven essential aspects must be worked out and updated:

  • Name and surname: we must complete it so that it is easier to find and identify ourselves, and we always appear in the same way as in our CV or as people know us.
  • Holder: has to convey our profession, worth, what we serve and for whom we are helping. We must include words linked to needs that exist in today’s job market. Avoid a string of words that look good but don’t define you.
  • Photo: we will always use a professional quality photo that conveys closeness and sympathy. Out with cutouts or repurposed photos of leisure moments don’t give a good image.
  • Background image: let’s take advantage of this space to transmit a message to make ourselves known or share values ​​or other relevant personal or professional information.
  • E extractor/summary: we are able to communicate on five lines in which we are experts. We can offer the market what successes we have achieved and how we achieved them. Always in a natural, understandable and straightforward way for all LinkedIn audiences, beyond our colleagues in the sector or profession.
  • Experiences: in this section, we must be creative, strategic, and marketing with the names of the positions and positions that we have held. One thing is what our jobs are called internally in an organization, and another thing is how we are interested in presenting them in the market. Always based on your professional objective. We will complete this information with one or two achievements and some relevant information in the different professional stages.
  • Visual communication: we will include photos and videos that help convey what we have achieved or who we are as professionals. 

Share And Publish Content

It is convenient to publish and interact exclusively with high-quality content related to our sector and professional objective. We can publish our content and make it known through posts, articles, videos, or third-party content that we have as a reference or because we like and consider what they publish valuable. Republican and comment are also a good option; however, who publishes their content has more impact and visibility.

Use LinkedIn For Your Interactions And Networking

The optimal and straightforward thing is to behave in the same way and with the same naturalness and authenticity as physical or face-to-face interactions. This costs some older generations more because they consider LinkedIn a fictional environment or a parallel world. It is more natural for new generations to interact through social networks because they see it as one more element of their day-to-day lives.

We must show closeness and interact with the people that interest us. To be efficient in these interactions on LinkedIn, it is convenient to develop a networking plan and be clear about who should be identified, contacted, and our target audience. The way of approaching these people should be natural, slow, and sincere without utilitarianism, thinking about what you can contribute to each person.

It is vital to behave with the utmost professionalism, add value to our network of contacts and invite people to be connected to nurture it. You have to generate conversations beyond the messages themselves and the chat. Once you have achieved a certain trust with that person, transcend those interactions on LinkedIn in discussions by video call, telephone, or in-person to consolidate mutual trust.

So at the right time and without forcing anything, they will emerge and take us into account for possible collaborations and professional opportunities, especially if we have had a fluid, enriching, and significant relationship with that person over time.

This is the fundamental approach to making quality and effective networking and the best way to interact constantly. And where LinkedIn offers us unlimited possibilities. 

Networking is the ability to generate, maintain and strengthen lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with focus and strategy and in a pleasing way.

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