The Importance Of Having A Backup Solution

Have you ever lost a large amount of very important data? Have you felt a sense of panic when you realized what happened? To avoid scars, a backup solution is essential in any organization.

Whether you store work reports or email and phone lists of your clients on the hard drive of your company computer, this data will surely be too valuable to lose. That’s where a data backup or backup comes into play. It is so important that there is even an entire day dedicated to its importance, World Backup Day (March 31).

Why Is It Key To Make A Backup Copy?

The main reason for having a backup is to have a secure archive of relevant information, whether business-classified documents or any other business document so that the device can be restored quickly and without problems in the event of data loss.

Still, 30% of people have never backed up their devices. This may not seem like much until you put it into perspective and discover how frequently data is lost.

According to data released by World Backup Day, 113 phones are lost or stolen every minute and 1 in 10 computers are infected with viruses each month.

Furthermore, other studies published in the sector indicate that the time it takes for a ransomware attack to appear in a company is increasingly shorter. If, in 2019, an episode of this type occurred every 14 seconds, a year later, the figure was reduced to 11 seconds.

All of this data indicates that a data backup should be the foundation of a company’s digital disaster recovery plan. By backing up your devices, you put your organization one step ahead of any cyber threats that could lead to data loss.

With a backup, your company will be safe from any unforeseen event, whether it is an external threat or a natural disaster (fire or flood), but also from foreseen threats such as the deterioration of disks caused by prolonged use over time. In any case, a backup is the best option to restore the data on your computer and get back to business as soon as possible.

There are many options when it comes to backing up data, each with its own procedures and parameters. Still, there is a general rule and some best practices that apply to any data backup.

If you want to start a backup plan for your company, you must take into account different considerations.

Tips For The Success Of Your Company’s Backup

The main recommendation that you should address in your backup recovery plan is rule 321. This suggests the following:

  • Create three copies of your data
  • Make copies of at least two solutions
  • One of the backup copies is stored in a remote location

To all this, the best practices in the industry also recommend, apart from this rule, backing up the data periodically, expanding the storage space to have more copies of data and not discarding the physical copies of the data.

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