Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working From Home

In search of a quality of life combining professional and personal fulfillment, more and more people are turning to working from home.

The development of communication tools and an economic rationale aimed at companies outsourcing some of their tasks have made things more accessible and straightforward.

However, we should not be fooled by this idyllic picture.

Benefits Of Working From Home

Working at home indeed has many advantages:

  • no fixed hours. You manage your schedule according to your workload
  • absolute autonomy in the management of your activity
  • a preserved family life, or less, more sacrificed

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, pride in working for yourself and just for yourself.

Disadvantages Of Working From Home

But the drawbacks are there too, and it is not a question of forgetting them:

  • social charges, which are often high, and generate difficulties in the first years
  • an organization not always easy to manage
  • irregular income
  • an assortment of tasks: production, accounting, management, purchasing…
  • professional isolation, which is sometimes burdensome.

It is also not always easy to impose oneself on a potential client, and this homeworker status often lacks credibility and reliability.

This may be the most significant difficulty: managing to inspire enough confidence.

With an employee, the boss can monitor the work in real-time and see the person’s efficiency. With a company, he benefits (according to him) from the competence and professionalism of a structure.

He has neither of these two insurances with a self-employed worker, and it is often a bet that he makes to bet on this type of work mode. It’s up to you not to disappoint him!

There is another downside to working from home (but the one everyone dreams of 🙂 is that you quickly come to the limit of this type of organization.

For example, in secretarial work, one can succeed in earning up to 15 or 17,000 F per month by working alone and at home, but with difficulty beyond.

We are then obliged to either refuse work or switch to another structure such as the company with premises and employees. And it is not always easy to make this change.

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