Creativity In AI Times

In the first months of this intense 2023, without having suffered an alien attack or another pandemic that locks us in our homes (fingers crossed), the barrage of headlines and conversations about Artificial Intelligence is comparable to one of the most historical events. events that we have experienced globally in this millennium.

Two vowels IA or AI, give the sensation of introducing a new concept in society, when digital marketing professionals have been using artificial intelligence for years. AI is nothing more than the treatment of a huge amount of information with the ability to create more information. It has been created by the human hand to make our lives easier.

We have been using predictive technology for some time with the ability to learn to make decisions autonomously. The development of algorithms has allowed us to offer less intrusive and more useful ads for the user through this machine learning. In this sense, the advertising industry has greatly benefited from the irruption of these automation technologies where the machine and the human team work hand in hand to improve efficiency. With AI it should be no different.

The agility and precision provided by the most innovative technology is essential to improve acquisition, control investment and thus generate higher income with a higher profit margin. Welcome to the technological revolution. It never stops, it always advances and we are here to control it.

Despite all this infoxication boom on the subject, I am confident that AI is a tool that will help us improve our work processes. Its integration will be necessary in companies in the long term to increase the productivity of their teams.

Does creativity die? It is not a new debate, it is placed on the table again with each technological advance in our sector. Creativity transforms. Now we have to develop it in another way because the orders we give to the machine will differentiate the content created, be it an image, a text or the claim of a campaign.

Creative directors are going to have to continue making the same efforts to differentiate their campaigns from the rest. However, now, in the creation process, we will squeeze our heads to refine the wording of the famous prompt.

AI is not going to kill creativity, but it will have an impact on the creative process. In the medium term, the activation of creativity in advertising campaigns will be determined by the indications (prompts) that we give to the machine.

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