Differences Between WhatsApp Groups And Communities

Differences Between WhatsApp Groups And Communities

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WhatsApp groups are ideal for communication between their members, as they allow you to send texts and media, create surveys, and mention other members. On the other hand, WhatsApp communities focus on offering updates to a broader group. Only the administrator can send messages in the community announcement group, while members can reply privately.


Regarding privacy, WhatsApp groups reveal members’ contact information to other participants, which can cause security concerns. However, WhatsApp communities protect users’ privacy by not revealing their information to other members.


WhatsApp has recently increased the number of members that can be added to a group. Still, WhatsApp communities allow groups to be organized under one umbrella, effectively reaching a wider audience.

Different Functions

WhatsApp groups are more versatile in features, allowing you to share media, forward messages, and conduct surveys. In contrast, WhatsApp communities have more limited features, with alert or change notifications and the ability to share location and media, contact numbers, and documents, but no option to create surveys.

Group Calls

WhatsApp groups allow you to make voice and video calls with multiple members, which has been helpful in times of pandemic. However, WhatsApp communities do not support voice or video calls, as they aim to communicate with a larger group rather than interact individually.

In short, WhatsApp groups and communities have differences in communication, privacy, number of members, features, and group calls. Each one serves a particular purpose, and it is essential to understand their characteristics to get the most out of this instant messaging platform.

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