Can Facebook Stop You From Being Hired?

The Internet plays a very important role in the hiring process for employers and candidates due to the growing popularity of online CV searches, digital portfolios, and online job boards. Internet offers have increased your visibility and ease of signing up, but they can also carry some risks. While many people actively monitor their online presence and are conscientious with their privacy settings, many others are more relaxed when it comes to their online profiles.

In the search for the perfect candidate, it is no surprise that many employers turn to the Internet to obtain information about candidates. Not only will they be looking for a CV that fits the job description, but they will also want to find a person who fits well with their company’s perspective and values.

This is where your online interactions could let you down and set off alarm bells for the potential employer. No matter how strong your CV is, if the employer finds your online presence inappropriate or offensive – you could be jeopardizing your chance of applying for the job or even getting an interview. As people follow your daily life on social media, it’s highly advisable to take a thoughtful and cautious approach to your posts – especially when you’re looking for a job.

Six Golden Rules For An Excellent Online Presence

  • Always turn on full security settings to help ensure that only your personal and approved contacts can access your information.
  • Be careful who you accept as a friend, follower, or contact. Make sure you really know the person or have some trusted affiliation with them.
  • Be selective about the photos you upload and monitor the photos others upload of you. Compromising images can reflect poorly on you and affect the employer’s perception of your attitude.
  • It is prudent to keep professional networks, such as Linkedin, for your professional activity only and not link them with your more social, personal accounts.
  • Although you obviously have freedom of expression online, avoid criticizing your coworkers, your current or former boss, or the company you work for. Any employer would be wary of someone who broadcasts their work frustrations in this way; you can only partially be sure who is going to see your post (friends of friends, etc.)
  • Foul language, inappropriate comments, or insults will not show any advantage in your favor.

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