Enjoy Videos Without Ads On Your Smart TV: Tricks And Recommendations

Do you find YouTube advertising annoying while watching your videos on your Smart TV? Although it is easy to block it on desktop computers and laptops with extensions like AdBlock, the situation gets complicated when it comes to devices like smartphones or Smart TVs. However, there are solutions to watch your videos without ads and without compromising the security of your devices.

The Dilemma Of YouTube Ads

On most platforms, advertising is an integral part of the user experience on YouTube. While on personal computers, it is possible to use extensions such as Adblock to block ads, on mobile devices and Smart TVs, this task becomes more challenging due to the need for more options.

Challenges Of Unofficial Apps

There are unofficial apps, such as YouTube Vanced, Snaptube, and Tubemate, that promise ad-free video viewing. However, these apps are not found in the official app stores, which means you have to download them from unverified sources. This carries security risks, such as possible exposure to malware that could compromise the privacy and security of your device.

A Safe, Brave Browser Alternative

A safe solution to watch YouTube videos without ads on mobile devices is to use the Brave browser. This browser, available in official app stores, includes a built-in ad blocker. By simply accessing YouTube through Brave, you can enjoy content without ad interruptions. Brave also offers additional features, such as playing videos with the screen off or in a floating window.

How To Avoid Ads On Smart TVs?

Removing ads on Smart TVs depends on the TV’s operating system. Devices running WebOS or Tizen, used by LG and Samsung, do not support the trick mentioned above. This method only works on TVs running Android TV or Google TV.

SmartTubeNext: The Solution For Android TV

For those with TVs running Android TV, there is an app called SmartTubeNext, available on GitHub. This reliable app allows you to watch YouTube videos without ad interruptions and offers the option to sign in to your Google account to access your recommendations and favorite channels.

Chromecast As An Alternative

If you don’t have a television with Android TV, you can use Chromecast, a device that connects to the HDMI port of your Smart TV and allows you to stream content from mobile devices and computers. Through Chromecast, you can enjoy ad-free YouTube videos on your smart TV, even if it doesn’t run Android TV.

In short, watching YouTube videos without ads on mobile devices and Smart TVs may require different solutions depending on your device’s operating system. Security and privacy should always be a priority when considering unofficial options for blocking ads on YouTube.

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