Mobile Phone Innovations 2022: These Smartphones Are Eagerly Awaited

Year after year, smartphones manufacturers try to convince their users of new models. Sometimes it works well, sometimes not so well. What innovations and mobile phone novelties can we expect in 2022? We dare the view.

The last year was an exciting one for those interested in technology. Because although many manufacturers had to struggle with difficult production and delivery conditions, some managed to provide us with innovative software and hardware. With its sophisticated foldables and Google, Samsung was finally able to exude a real premium feeling again. One thing is certain: many great cell phones (here with a contract) will reach us again in 2022. Thanks to official announcements and the rumor mill, we have already collected a considerable number of exciting models for you.

Xiaomi’s Cell Phone Innovations 2022

The Chinese manufacturer repeatedly manages to confuse its international customers: models are renamed appear only in certain countries or not at all in the West. Since Xiaomi did not supply two smartphone series with new models for the domestic market until the end of 2021, we are currently eagerly awaiting the launch of these in Europe.

Xiaomi 12: When Will The Flagship Models Come To Us?

By now, many people should be aware that Xiaomi cell phones (here with a contract) stand out due to their enormously good price-performance ratio. This also includes the new top models from the Chinese manufacturer. At least if you look at the prices for the domestic market. The new Xiaomi 12 smartphones are not yet available outside of China.

Redmi Note 11: Which Models Will Make It To Europe?

The mid-range devices from the Chinese manufacturer are at least as exciting as Xiaomi’s flagship models. With the Redmi Note 10 Pro (to test), you could fundamentally redefine the middle class and achieve a correspondingly blatant success.

Since Xiaomi’s Redmi 11 series is already available in China, we know that it won’t be quite as revolutionary this year. Still, the Redmi Note 11 and Redmi Note 11 Pro are very exciting devices. Although three other models from the Redmi 11 series have been released, we assume the two mentioned will be particularly relevant for the West.

Samsung’s Mobile Phone Innovations 2022

Of course, Samsung also has big plans for 2022. As usual from the South Korean manufacturer, these include many new smartphones. In principle, it can be assumed that the two flagships will be updated, which means the Galaxy S series and the Galaxy foldables. With a probability bordering on certainty, we will also be expecting other cell phones, such as those from the Galaxy A series.

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Samsung Galaxy S22: When Will It Finally Happen?

The rumor mill has been filling up about Samsung’s new flagship models for some time now. In our Galaxy S22 rumor overview, we have summarized the most exciting topics for you. But we won’t have to wait too long for the official announcement. Leakers and journalists agree: We will know more by February 2022 at the latest. We will have to be content with current rumors and a few official statements until then.

Apple’s Mobile Phone Innovations 2022

Apple doesn’t take unprecedented creative imagination to predict the iPhone 14 in 2022. Which models Apple will then show in detail is another matter. In any case, a “normal” iPhone 14 and the two established Pro versions can be expected. Whether there will be a mini model again, we will probably only find out in September 2022. Recently, the rumor mill said that the iPhone 13 mini (here with a contract) could have been the last of its kind.

Oppo’s Cell Phone Innovations 2022

The comparatively young manufacturer Oppo will also want to prove itself on the smartphone market in 2022. At the moment, it seems as if the Chinese manufacturer is even willing to skip a version number: With the Oppo Find X5 and Find X5 Pro, the successors to the Find X3 series are in the starting blocks.

Like its predecessors, the new models should also stand out from the rest of the uniformity of the other manufacturers with a striking design. When it comes to fast charging, you want to go one step further. The new Oppo cell phones (with a contract) should have an 80-watt charging function on board. We will probably find out in February 2022 whether this is true and which other functions Oppo will use in its latest creations.

OnePlus Mobile Phone Innovations 2022

With OnePlus, it is similar to the competitor Xiaomi. We already know the OnePlus 10 Pro from the Chinese market. So far, however, the official release for Europe is missing. It is not yet known exactly when this will occur, but since the model is already known from China and it has already been announced that the OnePlus 10 Pro will also conquer the global market in this form, it should not be far away.

Huawei’s Mobile Phone Innovations 2022

Huawei is still in a difficult position in Western countries: It’s just difficult without official Google support. Nevertheless, Huawei remains one of the big players – mainly due to the huge Chinese market. Especially in the camera area, the best smartphones are built year after year. A foldable smartphone should help out of the misery and let the missing features be overlooked.

Because in January 2022, Huawei wants to compete with Samsung in the foldable market. That could be not easy since the South Koreans are currently the top dog in the still young product category with a lot of experience. With the Huawei P50 Pocket, you should still have to do without Google apps and 5G, but better selfies should be possible thanks to new technology. We will see in a few days whether this will be the case and whether it will be enough to help Huawei regain its old strength.

Mobile Phone Innovations 2022 At A Glance

It is going to be a party! Every major manufacturer already has hot irons in the fire for 2022. In the first half of the year, in particular, we can expect a surprising number of exciting models. These include new flagships from Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus and Oppo. Apple will probably do product maintenance as usual and will not surprise us much, while Huawei wants to gain a foothold in the foldable market.

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