What Does B2B Marketing Mean?

B2B Marketing, B-to-B Marketing, or BtoB Marketing is the abbreviation for Business to Business Marketing. This means that marketing occurs between two or more companies – and not between companies and private consumers. This is a particular challenge for agencies that specialize in communication to serve the target groups adequately. Through our many years of activity in B2B marketing, we have gained a lot of experience in a wide variety of industries and worked for a wide variety of customers. We know the needs and wishes of the target groups and can address them directly.

This gives us a head start when creating concepts and advertising measures in B2B marketing that get stuck in people’s minds.

Marketing, Communication, Or Advertising?

Within the advertising industry, many different terms have similar meanings. We want to build on this and bring more light into the dark.

Marketing is above all terms, and it is the long-term strategy with which products and services are to be marketed. Marketing can be broken down into four different areas: The 4Ps. They stand for price policy (Price), product policy (Product), distribution policy (Place), and communication policy (Promotion). The last point, communication policy, explains another term: communication.

It is part of marketing and defines how a product or company should be perceived externally. Advertising is used to convey this image of a product or company, and it should generate needs in the target group that the advertised product or company can meet. That is the basic idea pursued with advertising, communication, and marketing. The particular challenge in B2B marketing is to know the target group’s needs and build on these insights. Please take advantage of our long experience in B2B marketing and make an appointment. We are pleased to meet you.

One Word From You Is Enough

Complex things become more manageable when we talk about them. Here you get to know us and our way of thinking and working best. And you can certainly take one or two impulses with you for your daily communication work. Promised!

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