What Is The Employee Experience?

The employee  experience is one of the most important concepts for your SME, and it is much more effective.Each worker must feel that they are in a functional space in which their abilities are promoted and in which it is possible not to remain stagnant.

We still find it very curious that companies analyze the customer experience, investigate how each person behaves when entering the website of your SME, and conduct surveys continuously, but not with those who have to move the company forward.

Next, we analyze the most critical aspects of this working method.

Employee Experience Definition

Employee experience is understood as all the measures an SME carries out after listening to each worker. This type of decision involves turning around the classic business structure.

First, the person who works is listened to, and from their comments, it is deduced which are the most appropriate changes to continue evolving and achieving the objectives.

It is important to remember that you should ask each worker the following questions before taking any measure. What kind of experience do you have in this company? How would you like your workday to be? Would you like to change positions? Do you think you have more talent than the one you used to work here?

This survey, which may well be anonymous, will give you a relatively rough clue of each person’s mental state. Only then will you be able to know what are the guidelines that you must follow and put into practice to achieve the best results.

What Are The Characteristics Of This Working Method?

As we have been indicating, the employee is no longer a hired person who does something in exchange for a salary. He is also someone who has an exceptional talent to discover.

That is to say; it is no longer a matter of hiring an accountant who develops his activity exclusively in his department; instead, it is quite the opposite. The following ideas can help you better understand what we want to expose:

  • The workspace has to be much fresher and more dynamic. The use of digital tools helps the worker to comment, in seconds, if he has had a problem and how he has solved it.
  • Although it is an SME in which each worker has their plot, they all form a single team. Working alone is always harder than doing it in connection with other colleagues.
  • The owner does not make decisions for the mere fact of being one. The changes to be made must be the consequence of a conversation with all the workers who are, in short, those who know better than anyone what their day-to-day experience is like.
  • The SME manager must always look for the true talent of each worker and should not be afraid to make changes. Perhaps, a good accountant can also be an excellent salesperson and vice versa. The exchange of jobs must be promoted to get the most out of the workforce.
  • In other words, the owner of an SME must run the company with the sole objective of achieving profit and become a manager of the talent of the workers under his charge.

How Can The Employee Experience Be Put Into Practice?

  • The process may seem complicated to you, but it is not. The following tips will be of great help:
  • Listen to the workers. The workspace should never be a place where those trying to move your SME forward cannot express themselves. You can meet with them directly, place an urn where they deposit their opinions, or do it as you see fit, but listen to whoever is in front of clients every day. Your opinion is essential.
  • Announce the changes you want to apply and check them with your template. Allow each person to contribute something different.
  • Eliminate barriers between departments. Using watertight compartments will ensure that workers cannot have a fluid relationship. If possible, select a staff that can adapt to the company’s needs at all times.
  • Bet on intelligent working. Thinking that a person in your company pays more is not always true. Sometimes, from your own home or potential visiting clients, you can achieve much more than eight hours sitting in the same position.
  • Marketing as a common denominator. Limiting marketing campaigns to specific actions is a huge mistake. In addition, changing the appearance of your company, improving the quality of life of each worker, and offering a more modern version of your business is still great way to sell the excellence of your business.
  • The corporate culture. Your SME must transmit the best feelings concerning the previous point. It must become the implementation of a particular philosophy that each client must perceive from the first moment.

All the characteristics described above must have a single pillar: getting each employee to become the best possible salesperson for your SME. If someone asks one of your workers to recommend working in your company, they should always answer with a resounding “yes.”

This work philosophy is transmitted and becomes the best way to promote your services.

What Are The Consequences Of This Way Of Working?

Among the most prominent, we could list the following:

  • A happier and more integrated workforce. It is achieved, with relative ease, that each person stops thinking that he is a simple worker to become an essential part of the company. Respect for your decisions and your opinion is necessary to achieve this well-being.
  • The employee’s experience is also the customer’s. An SME is due to its clientele. If an employee in direct contact with the end customer indicates an error, would it not be better to correct it as soon as possible instead of going ahead with a wrong way of working?
  • Applying this method helps workers highlight their talents and other people who want to work in your SME. Remember that nobody likes to work in a company where it means nothing.

What Is The True Goal Of The Employee Experience Analysis?

All of the above is vitally important for each employee to perform at their best. However, it would help if you never forgot that what you are looking for is to renew the way of working in your SME. Recycling methods, eliminating undesirable habits, making each worker feel recognized, and detecting how your team’s talent is managed are just some of the options that you should not ignore.

Better Results For The Same Price

In general, changes in an SME are always linked to an economic investment of some importance. This is not the case at hand. Dialogue, the sharing of ideas, and a different way of dealing with the daily routine are the components of a natural process destined to achieve all types of professional goals. The owner of an SME is so because he decided to invest in a business at a particular time.

This decision does not provide knowledge on managing the talent of professional staff, nor the intelligence necessary to adapt to current times. In other words, the figure of the typical owner who orders and commands without any discussion is destined for absolute failure.

Your company’s workers will limit themselves to working for pay and will run away at the slightest opportunity. You consider that instead of a company, it is a team with the same objective. It is easier to get everyone involved, and that will work stops being a routine to become a unique opportunity to demonstrate your talent or worth.

Therefore, we can conclude that everyone likes their qualities to be valued and that their opinions are easier to express. Put yourself in the place of your employees, open your mind, do not try to impose your will on the system.

Let yourself be carried away by each opinion and give a fair measure of value to the work of each of the people who fight to turn your company into a more lucrative business.

Apply this method crosswise.

Everything has to be a bearable, personal, and much more fun activity from the interview to selecting the new staff at retirement. Without changes, it is impossible to move forward.

Turn your SME into a different business that stands out for its way of adapting to the rigors of the market. You are sure to be surprised with the results of your company.

Sometimes you have to change your point of view on something to understand that the solution to your stagnation was closer than you thought.

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