Android Vs iOS : What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Irreconcilable Rivals?

Do you know how to tell if your friend bought an iPhone? The moon will not talk about anything else. Oh well, but when the iPhone breaks, it makes Samsung a little better. In short, there is a war between users of iOS and Android products for which is better. Let’s see what their main differences are.

Operating System Updates

So here iOS leads the way. However, it is also much easier for him. Individual brands have to adapt Android for their mobile phones, while Apple develops it directly for its products. Therefore, you always get the latest version of the operating system, which takes longer with Android. In addition, due to updates, it sometimes crashes, which does not happen very often with iOS.

Compatibility With Other Devices

At this point, Android strikes back. The connection of iOS with other devices is great only if they are other products with the iOS system. It doesn’t work very well with others. Users often complain about limited Bluetooth and the absence of a USB connection in some mobile phones. So when we take into account that Apple’s machines are excellently connected only with each other, Android comes out as the winner. Flexibility is valued these days!

Privacy And Security

Many experts draw attention to the loss of privacy with the advent of modern technologies. How are the operating systems? Apple is often valued precisely because it does not try to find out all the information about users. This is a big minus for Android. It tries to learn a lot about users, which is an invasion of their privacy. It is not fatal in any way, but we cannot attribute it to the good. And security? Here again, iOS uses the advantages of being developed for a narrow range of devices. It thus has a more comprehensive security system than Android. However, if the manufacturer modifies Android well for its mobiles, the security system can be at a very good level. Samsung KNOX secure mode is an example of great security for Android.

Equipment And Applications

When it comes to add-ons, you have a much wider choice on Android. It can be an IR sensor or the aforementioned USB. In addition, iPhones usually do not support memory cards, which limits your storage size. So Android clearly wins here, mobiles with it have a lot more options. How about apps? There is probably nothing left but to declare a draw. Their number is huge, most of them are developed for both systems. iOS has some very high-quality ones just for itself, while Android has a larger number of them. In short, everyone will choose.

So What Should I Buy?

There are many different parameters, but after all, we don’t want to write a novel about this topic. So we have selected only the most important ones. And as it happens, the result of their confrontation is a draw. A mobile phone with Android is more compatible and flexible, while iOS is more thoughtful and of better quality. Of course, the price also plays a role, Apple products are simply more expensive. However, it is definitely not a waste of money if you are looking for a high-quality, safe and trouble-free phone.

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