Five Tips On How Companies Can Increase Their Resilience

If companies turn the suitable screws, they can benefit from the corona crisis and emerge stronger. For weeks, many industries have been suffering from the unprecedented effects of the corona pandemic. If a company can adapt quickly to the new market situation and make the right decisions now, it will cope better with current challenges and will be more resilient to crises in the long term. The personnel service provider Robert Half gives five tips on how companies can increase their resilience.

Tip 1: Get An Overview – What Is Essential For The Company?

First of all, every company needs to understand what is necessary to maintain work processes and continue to meet customer needs. The challenge is to consider applicable regulations, such as the current distance rules, and remain productive. For example, it makes sense to record which employee is in the office and when in a list. Obtaining the necessary hardware and software for home office solutions is also essential. »Those responsible should start thinking now about which solutions make sense in the long term. 

Tip 2: React Quickly To Current Challenges

Developing perfect solutions takes a lot of time. The trial-and-error method is best suited for this. It enables decisions to be implemented gradually but quickly and, if necessary, to be adjusted. A roadmap is ideal for outlining possible options. It is worthwhile to record what went well and what might also be a long-term solution. Regular feedback loops with quantified results and qualitative contributions from various teams and management are also helpful. In this way, the effects of decisions can be better assessed and optimized.

Tip 3: Prepare For The Future With The Proper IT Infrastructure

In many companies, part of the workforce is currently working again due to relaxed contact restrictions, while others are still working from home. That is why it now makes sense to create a suitable IT infrastructure that employees can use reliably from home and work. Investing in a future-oriented technology is already worthwhile – also intending to use remote maintenance software and secure, cloud-based work.

Tip 4: Remain Loyal To Customers

In times like these, clarity and reliability are essential not to endanger relationships with important stakeholders. »Be as flexible as possible with your customers. Align operational processes with your customers and make yourself aware of the customer’s needs under the current conditions.

Tip 5: Show Empathy

Employees are the greatest asset of any company. »Changes and adjustments in the company and processes should be communicated as early as possible. It must be ensured that managers set a good example. In addition, companies should make the necessary resources available and train employees to prepare them for new challenges.

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