Hacking As An Underestimated Security Risk For Companies And Start-ups

More and more companies underestimate the risk of hackers. Unfortunately, the risk is increasingly being challenged by employees. The reasons are mostly self-inflicted. If you underestimate the security risk, your employees will pay less attention. There are many examples of this. Most of the time, it’s simply thoughtless clicks on links. These links are usually sent via email to employees whose A suppliers look deceptively similar to the originals. If you as an entrepreneur are unprepared for such clicks, then costs usually arise. However, these costs are not only of a material nature. The costs are also reflected in the damage to your image, for example if you have to shut down the system for repairs. So security risks can cost you dearly. A core area for preventing such problems from arising in the first place is what is known as social engineering.

Social engineering involves manipulation to explore human error in accessing computer systems. Unfortunately, the bad guys also act on the basis of social engineering. They try to standardize these employees’ techniques in order to discover problems. Attempts are made to access confidential data in order to discover systematic similarities in it. These are then used against the company or startup. As described above, the errors are mostly of human nature. In social engineering, one tries to find a rational treatment of the behaviour of the human actors and to find solutions to avoid the problems. An example is the use of passwords.

How Does Social Engineering Work

From a company perspective, it is therefore advisable to prevent such problems from the outset. You do a so-called social engineering appraisal by analyzing human behaviour. To do this, attacks such as spam attacks or phishing mails are analyzed. These threats are then systematically evaluated. One tries to discover a unified system in it in order to then develop counter-strategies. These strategies are developed by consultants. The possible solutions are then discussed with the management. The threats are simulated in advance. This happens, for example, by deliberately sending e-mail attachments with harmful substances. Telephone calls can also be made. The reactions of the employee are then evaluated.

What are the advantages of this for the company? The advantages for you as an entrepreneur are obvious. Above all, the security risk is reduced. There is also training for employees. In the area of ​​awareness training, the systems are sharpened. In addition, it is demonstrated how an actual attack would take place. In order to evaluate the systems, cyber security experts must be active in the company. These experts not only analyze the current concerns, but take a comprehensive approach. The result is a comprehensive concept, which is worked out for you and implemented on request. Targeted network security solutions are developed.

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