Make Money Online: Serious Ways

Participate In Surveys And Studies

Do you want to make money online without much effort? Then you should think about participating in surveys and studies. In most cases, you can even do that well from the sofa do, because these are usually online surveys.

With just a few clicks you can register with various market research institutes, create a profile and then be assigned suitable surveys and studies from companies. Some surveys take less than 10 minutes, so you can even fill them out with your smartphone on the train or in the supermarket queue. So quick money.

Also find out whether you can take part in surveys at your university. Some students have to carry out a survey as part of their thesis, for which you get a participant Vouchers or cash payment.

Test Products, Websites Or Computer Games

You can also do this part-time job from the sofa: earn money as a tester: in*. There are different possibilities: You can e.g. B.Test products, but also check websites for user-friendliness or try out computer games. There are also various providers for this where you can create a profile. You usually state your interests there and are then selected for various tests. With each test you get a detailed description of what to do and what you should pay particular attention to.

Earn Money As A Click Worker Or Crowd Worker

What does a Click worker do? The term originally referred to a NASA project in which many scientific laypeople evaluated photographs of the surface of Mars on the Internet. In the meantime, Click worker has a broader base. Generally speaking, do small tasks on the internet and get money for it. The work often only takes a few minutes, which is why we also speak of micro jobs or microtasks. The area of ​​responsibility ranges from courier trips to comparing prices in the supermarket around the corner to research work on the Internet. Strictly speaking, product testers are also crowd workers.

Working As A Freelancer

There are now quite a few freelancers offering their services online and getting paid per job. In most cases, these are translators, copywriters, editors, graphic designers or social media managers. You either have your own website and offer your services on it, or you register on one of the countless platforms. There customers can choose from a large number of freelancers, the payment follows at the end of the job.

Sell ​​Photos And Videos

Where do all the stock photos on the internet come from? If you’re interested in photography and have a good camera, the next stock photo on some companies’ websites could be you. There are various platforms and providers where you can upload your photos and make them available for the general public to download.

Open Your Own Online Shop

Do you make things yourself and now want to sell them online? You don’t have to be a programmer to do that these days,You can also set up an online shop yourself. So-called modular systems make it particularly easy for you to create a simple yet individual shop. With such a construction kit, you have various modules at your disposal, from which you can put together exactly the page you need for your products. In the front end, you have access to designs that have been adapted to the industry, which you can still adapt to your own brand. Particularly practical: The ordering and purchasing process with these shop providers is legally compliant from the outset, so you hardly have to worry about anything.

Selling Handmade Items On Etsy

Is your own online shop too much effort for you? Then you can also sell your products on existing platforms. Etsy is an online market place for buying and selling handmade products, vintage goods, and art supplies. When it comes to shop design, you don’t have quite as much leeway on Etsy as with your own site, but selling here is all the easier. All you have to do is provide some information about yourself and store your products, prices and payment methods. Now you can earn money with your own stuff.

Sell ​​Clothing Or Used Goods

If you want to sell used goods, you can do this through common providers such as eBay classifieds, Vinted or rebuy. In this way you contribute your part to a sustainable society and can earn a little money at the same time. You set the price for the products yourself – this is usually negotiable. You can post your items quickly and easily on the respective platforms, but depending on the shop you have to take care of the payment process and of course the shipping yourself. Fees apply to most websites as well.

Make Money As A Social Media Influencer

A job title that has only come up in recent years and attracts a lot of glamor and big money: Influencer on TikTok, Instagram or your own blog. Test products for free, be invited to cool parties and restaurants or even get your own collection from your favourite brand? Sounds good at first – but this job is definitely not easy.

Many influencers earn their money in the areas of fashion, beauty, food, fitness, sustainability and the environment. In principle, anyone can become an influencer – what you need is a social media profile. But in order to really make money, you have to invest a lot of time and work in your profile. Because above all you need one large reach and many followers for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing works like this: companies pay money for you to advertise their product or brand and encourage them to buy it. This requires you to post content and interact with your followers on a regular basis, often multiple times a day. In your posts, you then introduce the brand’s products and link them so that your followers can buy them directly. There is a lot of work behind it.

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