How To Remove Voicemail On Mobile

How we can remove or deactivate the Voicemail on our mobile is one of the questions users usually ask us the most because sometimes it is not so obvious. If this is your case, read the following instructions carefully, which we hope will be of great use to you.

Have you recently changed your phone company, ported, or hired a new phone line? In either case, you almost certainly have Voicemail active. Finding this is something ubiquitous because it is a function that is usually activated by default on phones, whether mobile or landline, of any company. If you have verified that you have it active, you will likely think, and now, “how do I deactivate the Voicemail on my mobile? We tell you what the way is.

First of all, some interesting information:

According to Wikipedia, Voicemail is a centralized telephone message management system that allows users to receive, store and manage voice messages from callers when they are absent or on busy lines.

In its most straightforward configuration, Voicemail offers a mere answering machine service where messages arriving at a specific telephone number are stored. Still, it can also provide a much more complete service, which includes, among other advantages :

  • Customize the welcome message or greeting—also the language.
  • Save voice messages, associating them with the user’s phone number who left them.
  • Report the date, time, and phone number of each stored message.
  • Divert calls another phone number.
  • Receive notifications by email.
  • Ensure security and privacy by accessing it only through a specific code or password that only the user knows.

Even though some companies may highly value these functionalities, the reality is that their use has fallen quite a bit in recent years, especially at a personal level, because we use instant messaging or email in a general way.

What Should I Do To Deactivate The Voicemail On The Mobile

Usually, the fundamental reason behind why we want to deactivate the Voicemail on our mobiles, in addition to being a nuisance and not needing it on a day-to-day basis, is to avoid unnecessary expenses due to the cost of establishing a call, in the bills of telephone of the people who call us, and we cannot answer. This inconvenience can be solved quickly and without complicating your life.

The most common way to deactivate Voicemail is by accessing the client area on your mobile company’s website with your username or email and password. You can also call customer service directly for instructions on how to do it or for them to do it for you, but if you don’t want to waste your time, there is an easy way to do it, which, if it works, will take you less than a minute. And besides, you can do it yourself: speed dial from your mobile.

Start by dialing ##002# on your mobile and press call. If you often get a message that says something like: “MMI code started. Call forwarding. The deletion has been carried out correctly”, you will have managed to deactivate it. This option is valid, regardless of the operating system and the terminal. If it doesn’t work, try the other two options, call or enter the customer area.

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