Six Apps That Will Help Your Child Get Better Grades At School

The new academic year has already started, and surely you are willing to give everything so your child can get better grades at school. The school year is very long; our students mustn’t lose motivation. Ready to use your passion for technology to get it done? [Need help this month? Request your loan here ] Technology advances without brakes and, how could it be otherwise, has also burst into the school environment with force. For this reason, we show you six apps that will make your child’s homework easier and help them get better grades at school.

Essential apps to get better grades at school


Trello is a productivity and project management app that can organize almost anyone’s life. Applied to the school environment, it allows organizing the student’s tasks in columns (called boards ). The items in these columns ( cards ), in addition to containing a lot of information, such as files, comments, or images, can be reordered and dragged from one column to another. The potential of this application is enormous. In addition, it allows the student to work very visually and have everything well organized in a single screenshot. Without a doubt, it is our favorite to get better grades.

Google Keep

If your child needs a much simpler note application that allows them to manage their tasks or keep track of those that remain to be done, Google Keep is one of the most popular and powerful. Among endless functions, it allows you to scan documents or convert them to a Google document. Plus, it syncs across multiple devices, is fast, and is available on iOS and Android.

School Agenda

Valid for students of any age, School Agenda allows you to organize students’ academic life so that they have everything under control. In a very intuitive and easy way, it allows you to manage your pending tasks, exam calendar, or class schedule. In addition, reminders can be used not to forget the delivery of work or a nearby exam. It also integrates a calendar and lets you make backup copies in Google Drive.

Brain Focus – Pomodoro

If your child has trouble managing their time, with Brain Focus, you will ensure that they do not lose focus, stay focused, and improve their productivity in front of books. Based on the popular Pomodoro technique, the app allows you to set periods of 25 minutes, followed by five minutes of rest and longer breaks every four Pomodoro’s. As a result, the student will improve his study technique, be much more productive, and get better grades.


Imagine an app that solves a system of equations just by photographing it. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s not at all. With Photomath, the problems with mathematics are over. It is compatible with arithmetic, fractions, roots, algebraic expressions, equations, inequalities, logarithms, trigonometry… Come on, with almost everything. You just have to take a photo of the problem, and the app will show the result of it along with a detailed explanation and step-by-step steps of how it is solved. Seriously, it’s brilliant.

Speech Notes

To finish our shortlist, an essential app for university students. Speech notes use Google’s powerful speech recognition engine to record and transcribe speech into text. She is very accurate and understands several languages so that we can read a text to her, and she will transcribe it with few errors. It can be very useful to record and write down the teacher’s explanation in class. Are you missing an app? If you tell us about your child’s weak point at school, we’ll look for an app to help them pass and get better grades.

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