Social Media Advertising

In addition to the well-known advertising in Google AdWords, social networks are becoming a real and effective alternative to investing part of our online marketing budget to achieve conversions and sales.

The main advantage of social media advertising is that it offers great segmentation possibilities. In other words, thanks to the large amount of personal data they know about their users, social networks allow us to direct our ads based on interests, keywords they type, age, gender, or profession. On the other hand, its most notable drawback is that this advertising impacts users visiting their social network, and they can be interested in something other than what we offer them.

Let’s discuss some advertising tools of the most popular social networks:

Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook stands out for the vast amount of information we have to target our ads. The most notable aspect is the interests, but there are other very interesting segmentations such as the level of studies, the career studied, or even, in some countries, we can segment by religion or political party.
Regarding the type of advertising, most of them are consumer products and leisure or travel offers. It is a great option to achieve a high volume of extra conversions since we can reach several thousand users that match our target audience.

Twitter Ads

Advertising on Twitter has been available for all companies for a short time. It mainly consists of sponsoring tweets to appear to users even if they are not our followers. We can target our advertising based on users’ interests, the keywords used in their tweets, or the television programs they watch. The most interesting option is the one that allows us to direct advertising to the followers of a Twitter user that we select.

It is a great possibility when we want to promote events that have certain dates.

LinkedIn Ads

The advertising of this social network is ideal when we want to advertise B2B (Business to Business) businesses or training issues. Its great attraction is the professional data by which we can orient ourselves: labour sector, job position (manager, administrative, etc.), or groups of professionals.

It is ideal for promoting courses since we can focus on specific job profiles that match our target audience and may also be interested in improving their training.

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