Tips To Position Your Podcast On Google

You can position your podcast on Google thanks to SEO and effective positioning strategies. How are we going to optimize SEO in podcasts if they are audio?

Because it is possible and because we are going to talk about it today, well… in your case, read, and I write.

This is what I want to talk to you about today, and that is that SEO for podcasts, as we explain in this article, also has its method, and perhaps it is time to apply it.

While Google continues working on the positioning of results through voice searches, we will continue to use the opportunities that Google gives us to position the texts that appear in our podcast.

This quick tip that I give you could be helpful to you, especially if your podcast is related to searches, such as the Frecuencia Fitness podcast.

How do you search for content on Google? As you do it, many other people do it.

“How to lose weight fast according to Google”, “Is it dangerous to train during pregnancy?”

Organic Positioning Applied To Podcasts

Do you spend much time posting your content on social media to get traffic to your podcast? It is not that it is a mistake, but we could not say that it is a definitive success either.

If there is something that I have experienced in all these years in the podcast, it is the traffic that a website brings us to our podcast and the authority it gives us.

That is why promoting your podcasts via SEO by doing SEO for podcasts can give you, with patience, a good number of downloads. To do this, it is important to have some knowledge of White Hat SEO.

To give you an idea, it is the terminology used for marketing and web positioning actions that are based on the recommendations shared by the main search engines on the market. I will translate it for you.

«If you write this way in our search engines you will do much better.»

And in all this, we come to podcasts. Do you want to learn how to write correctly to position your podcast on Google?

Basic Tips To Position Your Podcast On Google

The first tip is to optimize your titles when you are going to choose one.

A very common mistake is to use a title like this:

«Episode 007. – The James Bond podcast. – What is his license to kill? »

I can already assure you that I have seen worse things, but you will realize that it is a mistake at a glance.

Another tip to keep in mind is also very basic. It is about optimizing the episode descriptions.

I agree that writing a description per episode of 500 words can be tedious and complicated, but you really should do it. What’s more, if in that text you use resources such as keywords, trends and persuasive writing, you will be making a ‘match ‘ ‘ between Google and your podcast.

More Experienced Tips For Promoting Your Podcast With SEO

Tips like this and many more are what you can find on the website I have already mentioned, and that will also help you position your podcast on Google and that I encourage you to discover.

Knowledge does not take up space; that is clear, and when we are talking about what it can also help you position your content… then we once again make a ‘match’ between our need and the knowledge that is shared with us.

One of these most experienced tips that have surprised me is the one related to trends and Google Trends, where you can find information regarding current hot topics and those most searched by users.

I have to test this. I’ll see if I can do it with Objective Podcast, and one day, I’ll share more information with you.

The second recommendation that I loved is the one related to derived keywords, which can help us get visits and new listeners that come from related searches, and this is also something that interests me.

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