Benefit From A Transversal Approach In Several Areas

Enabling companies to benefit from a cross-functional approach is our goal. The term “transversal approach” refers to any intervention in several areas: management, accounting, IT, communication, etc. everything concerning the vital function of a company.

This intervention takes the form of business support during a strategic phase such as, for example, the transition to digital, the establishment of a digital structure, the introduction of new management tools, the establishment of new communications technology.

Benefit From A Transversal Approach: An Adapted Solution

Developing attentive listening makes it possible to know the real needs of companies. This then makes it possible to design and propose a suitable solution. We intervene upstream of business creation projects to make them benefit from a transversal approach, that is to say, to obtain help in all sensitive areas.

Our support therefore consists of helping them transform the project into creation. Throughout the project, we guide them in setting up an effective strategic communication plan, using modern marketing techniques, mastering the digitization of HR functions, etc.

A Wide Possibility Of Specific Approach

Our experience as VSEs allows us to intervene in specific cases. We offer companies a tailor-made and efficient TPE service in the following areas:

  • Business management
  • Traditional marketing
  • Digital marketing (use of social networks and community manager )
  • Communication strategy
  • Digital communication (modern communication techniques, tools, channels and support, etc.)
  • Audiovisual in corporate marketing strategy
  • Human resources
  • Customer relationships
  • IT services
  • Business advice or consulting
  • Trade and Marketing
  • Assistance in setting up a business

“Tailor-Made” Service, A Reinvented Concept

Prospere develops the “tailor-made” concept in order to meet the specific demands of business customers. The difficult contexts that a company is going through reveal blocking points that require the intervention of experts.

Among the recurring problems: the request for support in the digital process , the management of conflicts in relation to the use of new technologies or the effective implementation of new management or human resources tools.

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