What Is The Strategic Communication Plan For A New Business?

The strategic communication plan is a set of methods and techniques to be implemented to direct and coordinate the actions necessary to achieve the communication objectives.

It is an evolving concept, especially in the era of digital transformation . Indeed, this plan consists of:

  • define the targets to which the communication should be addressed
  • develop the messages to be transmitted to the targets
  • determine the goals of a company’s communication
  • select the appropriate media and communication channels
  • establish a communication plan
  • prepare the communication budget

A strategic communication plan generally takes the form of a written document of a few pages. He must be able to answer all questions relating to the achievement of a well-defined objective for a well-defined target.

In addition, this plan must be perfectly consistent with other measures applied in the company, including HR digitization or the digitization of part of the activity.

What Are The Steps Of A Strategic Communication Plan For A New Company?

Defining goals is the first step in a strategic communications plan for a new business. Indeed, it is necessary to know if the objective consists in:

  • become known
  • prospect
  • attract new employees
  • or retain customers

In order to be able to meet these objectives, a large number of campaigns or communication media may be useful. For example, web marketing, social media.

Determine Targets

Communication consists of transmitting the company’s messages to recipients such as customers, employees, prospects, partners, etc. Communicating well consists of clearly identifying the targets of communication.

This then allows the implementation of means of communication that meet their expectations. In this case, the communication will only be addressed to targets potentially interested in the products, brands, services, etc.

Position Yourself In Your Environment

This step consists of knowing your environment, your competitors and your way of communicating. It is also about knowing how long the company has existed and what its image is.

Then define how we want to position the company in its environment, should we correct or optimize its image. Then know its weaknesses, strengths and competitive advantages. All these questions must be asked in order to properly determine the communication framework.

Then Formulate The Messages

This step consists in defining the type of message, the mode of transmission to the different targets. Only, you need a single, clear message with a strong and powerful idea.

Study The Financial And Human Resources Of The Company

This involves analyzing the company’s financial and human resources, which allows the implementation of a strategic communication plan. Then ask the question about the budget planned for the communication campaign.

Then on the resources that can be mobilized internally for the coordination of communication. Also ask questions if it is possible to delegate the communication campaign to an external service provider.

Define The Appropriate Means Of Communication

After defining the objectives, the targets, the environment in which we evolve, the messages as well as the means at our disposal, we must then think of the appropriate tools for the strategic communication plan: website, marketing materials, etc.

Establish A Communication Plan

This last step consists in establishing a list and a schedule of the actions required for the strategic communication plan. It lists the actions to be carried out with an idea of ​​execution time, a timing as well as the resources necessary to carry out each action.

After all these steps, an evaluation of the effectiveness of the communication is essential. It is therefore necessary to be vigilant in the face of feedback from customers, suppliers, service providers, blogs, forums, sales representatives, etc. These will make it possible to adjust the messages as well as the strategy during the next campaign.

Strategic Communication Plan: What Are The Advantages For A New Company?

The strategic communication plan aims to create the desire to buy, to have more customers and thus to increase sales. The enhancement of products, services or corporate brand depends essentially on the mastery of external communication.

It also helps to establish a corporate culture. Not very obvious for beginners in communication but the communication plan allows a definition of the image of the company and to create a personality.

Thanks to the internal and external communication strategy , a well-thought-out presentation of the company makes it possible to convey its values. In addition, the strategic communication plan makes it possible to reinforce the brand image and to stand out from its competitors.

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