We Tested PlayStation Portal: Is The New Laptop Worth It To Be Able To Play On Your PS5

PlayStation Launches Its New PS Portal Device For PS5

PlayStation continues to surprise its fans with the arrival of its latest peripheral device: the PS Portal, designed to give players the freedom to take their PS5 wherever they want. However, it is more than a simple controller divided into two with an 8-inch LCD screen in the center.

What Is PS Portal?

Unlike traditional handheld consoles, PS Portal is not a console but a device that allows game streaming from a PS5. Its primary usefulness lies in the possibility of playing PS5 games in portable mode, which is convenient for those who share the television with other household members.

Gaming Experience And Functionality

Although its design may be reminiscent of other portable consoles, the similarities end there. However, the PS Portal’s ability to deliver an immersive gaming experience with Sony’s haptic technology is notable. Configuration is simple, and its compatibility with games like ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’ allows you to enjoy the desired gaming experience.

Autonomy And Price

With a battery life of up to six hours, the PS Portal offers reasonable battery life, although its price of 220 euros may be high for some. While it’s not a must-have device, it can be helpful for those looking for a convenient way to play the PS5 without juggling the TV.

In short, PS Portal offers a practical way to play the PS5 in portable mode, but its price and limitations may make it only necessary for all users. Hosomeer, it may be an option to consider for those looking for convenience and are okay with the outlay.

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