Cutting Costs With Technology

Most business owners are constantly looking for effective ways to cut their costs while still maintaining the quality of a product or service.

Each company decides the issue of cost reduction in its way. Not only is this possible, but several proven methods cut business costs and save money.

Save Electricity

If your company has old equipment such as printers, computers, etc., you can probably save a significant amount on your energy bill by upgrading them. For example, switching from a traditional computer monitor to a low-power LCD version can significantly reduce power consumption!

Equipping your fixtures with a motion sensor can help you avoid wasting time lighting up your space, which can save you on your energy bill. For even more significant savings, you should switch to energy-saving lamps.

If your office has a lot of windows that get a lot of sun in the summer, they generate a lot of heat! You can save a lot on your cooling costs by adding sunscreen to your windows or hanging blinds.

Switch To IP Telephony

Having multiple phone lines can be a significant expense. But most corporate IP telephony plans can cost a penny.

The use of IP telephony will also allow your employees to “take the number with them”,, i.e. make calls wherever they are. These savings, in turn, will help your business serve potential customers better and faster.

Ban Retail Purchases

There are many everyday things that a business needs, from computers and tablets to paper, letterhead, etc. In most cases, purchases are made at retail prices, which can inflate the costs of any business.

Prohibit retail buying and strongly encourage your purchasing departments to purchase through distributors or wholesalers. This is especially important for IT-related purchases, from flash drives to monitors.

Consider Working Remotely

The most significant expense for a business is often its physical location. Rent, utilities and much more are pretty expensive. In most cases, even cheap office space costs a lot of money.

If you want to cut your costs, consider telecommuting and becoming a virtual company. With the power of the cloud, you can easily share files, track work, and do more just like you would in an office setting.

If your business cannot telecommute, consider moving some of your employees to work remotely. You can select a specific day of the workweek, which will be remote. This will help your business reduce the amount of office space and significantly reduce utility costs.

Save On Business Trips With Online Conferences

Online conferences are a great way to save on travel expenses and if you would need to travel to the other end of the city. You can quickly and easily use free online conferences to connect with business partners, employees, even customers.

Online conferences can even increase the frequency of meeting with business partners and clients, allowing you to build closer relationships with them and improve rapport.

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