How Much Time Do We Waste Looking For Documents?

About 45 minutes a day is what we lose looking for documents, to manage work from work and not to productive work.

For this reason, document and process management tools allow us to optimize our daily tasks, live better and have time for new tasks or allow us to give a more efficient response, in short, to be more competitive.

Process management shows how important it is for the company to introduce  document management tools  and even to optimize the business management tool or ERP itself to optimize time and work so as not to make work of work.

A necessary task, not only for reasons that are more than obvious and that come to mind for all of us, such as reducing space, ensuring the conservation of the documents themselves, etc. But for much more functional reasons and that provides security and added value to companies without a doubt.

The vision that we have of the digitization of documents, understanding by documents those of Word, pdf, but also spreadsheets, images, videos, worksheets, contracts, invoices, etc… is a vision comparable to an iceberg.

We see only a small part of the added value that it can bring us. However, we could mention other values ​​that are part of document management.

  • Role-controlled editing.
  • Automatic version of the edited documents.
  • Control of access to information by users.
  • Simultaneous consultation of the same document by different users.
  • Ease of content distribution.
  • Ease in the distribution of comments and annotations in the documents.
  • Creation of workflows.
  • Validation of documents.
  • Biometric signature with legal support.

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