The 3 Qualities Of A good ERP Solution

An Adaptable And Customizable Solution According To Needs

While there are now multiple software available on the market, it is clear that an ERP solution does not meet the needs of users in the same way, depending on the publisher. Indeed, although designed as integrated software, composed of different modules specialized in the execution of a certain task, any ERP has its Achilles’ heel (let’s face it.) and can ultimately turn out to be less reliable than its competitors on certain specific points. As a result, while most software should be able to meet your basic business needs, it’s best to favour one whose strengths match your company’s needs.

In addition, your ERP solution must be flexible enough to adapt to the specifics of your business sector : good resource management software should not be restrictive and force you to rethink your entire production, sale or distribution depending on how it works. It is not up to your company to adapt to ERP , but quite the reverse!

Tip : Turning to a software integrator with real know-how of his client’s business, rather than a generalist ERP publisher with a strong reputation but without precise knowledge of the latter’s business sector, is good. often preferable.

ERP Solution: A Tool That Makes Life Easier For Its Users

Beyond these  possibilities of personalization, the appropriation by the personnel of the company plays a central role in the success (or the failure) of the implementation of an ERP. Indeed, one of the major characteristics of a  good ERP solution  lies in its  ergonomics  and its  ease of use  on a daily basis, both of which will facilitate its adoption by your employees.

It is therefore most often preferable to favour software that will be  accessible to all staff , even employees who do not have advanced computer skills. Indeed, what good is having the most powerful ERP system in the world if your employees are not able to get the most out of it?

In addition, not all departments of the company will use the same ERP functionalities on a daily basis. As a result,  the user experience must therefore be customizable, depending on the position occupied and the missions to be carried out by the employee: only the most relevant information and data must be presented to them, for the sake of simplicity.

Tip  : Prefer a management software with shortcuts, ergonomic and rather easy to handle as well as a help mode!

ERP Solution: A Modular And Constantly Evolving Tool

Financial and human investment par excellence, the adoption of a new ERP solution must be carried out in the light of a long-term strategy. It is therefore not enough to choose a management software adapted to a “T” moment; on the contrary, it is advisable to integrate from the beginning of the project its potential needs for evolution – in order not to find oneself, in some time, locked in a software that was once effective but is now obsolete. To avoid this sad scenario, it will be appropriate to decide in favor of adaptable software, which will be able to meet the changing needs of your business.

For example, committing to an ERP that will offer employees the opportunity to connect to it and work from their mobile devices is now highly recommended by many specialists. Indeed, going in the direction of employees, who ask to work in conditions they consider more adequate, can only contribute to increasing their productivity.

Tip : Anticipate possible geographical expansions by selecting a solution capable of operating in a multi-site network.

As you will have understood, the customization of an ERP solution, and the limits of the latter, represent an essential factor in the choice of its management solution. It is indeed this personalization which will make it possible to best adapt the software to the needs and the sector of activity of the company where it will be established, but also to provide only the most useful information to the employees. Finally, any ERP project must necessarily be considered in the long term, so that it does not become an obstacle to the success of your company.

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