This Is How The Notch Changes On The iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 models are expected in September this year. If there are no hurdles in between, then the appointment should work out. Although there are still a few months to go, more and more information about the devices is gradually coming through. It’s getting particularly exciting with the notch, because slowly but surely Apple has to come up with something new in this regard. And that’s what’s likely to happen with the iPhone 14, but there’s a catch to the whole thing.

CAD Drawings Have Surfaced

Nowadays it is almost impossible to keep something secret, the internet is mainly responsible for that. Apple is not spared from this either, so that CAD drawings of the iPhone 14 have now appeared. These show the smartphone from all sides, it gets particularly exciting on the front.

In order to keep your nerves a bit tense, the back is on. What is particularly noticeable here is that the group is sticking to the previous design language. What is striking, however, is that the camera module could still be a little larger. Many will not be happy about this, since the version in the iPhone 13 is already very large. It is also noticeable that the module is placed much closer to the edge.

But now it’s really about the front. Here Apple is making major changes in relation to the notch, because the display notch has been revised. Instead of a notch, there are now two holes. One is in the shape of a pill and the other (to the right) is round. The sensors for Face ID find their place in the pill, and the front camera is housed in the hole next to it.

Nothing Is Official Yet

Of course, Apple is keeping a low profile. It is therefore theoretically possible that the design will still be changed. However, it is not really realistic, because the final appearance has to be determined slowly but surely. After all, a smartphone does not only consist of the design, it also has to be assembled and produced in large numbers. For this reason, the probability that it will end up with this look is very high.

Of course, not everyone will like it, because tastes are known to differ. Some will like the progress, and others would rather keep the notch. There is even good news in this regard, because in all likelihood you will be able to make your own decisions. This point can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage, the exact details are given in the next paragraph.

Only For The Pro Variants?

There is every indication that the “new notch” is reserved for the Pro versions. These would therefore be the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. At second glance, this even makes sense, because in addition to the different CPU, this would be another way to separate the normal iPhone 14 from the Pro versions more. So you would not only recognize the stronger models by the additional camera lens, but also by the front.

Conclusion: Apple still has a little time to prepare the iPhone 14. Nevertheless, it is already certain that at least the Pro devices will receive a new notch. If you compare this with the old version, then you can speak of a much more modern version. In the end, there is more display left, although the added value will be limited in practice.

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