What Is The Role Of A Community Manager?

A 2.0 professional who has become a must within a company’s teams, the Community Manager masterfully manages the visibility and reputation of a company on social networks, among others. What are the specificities of his profession? What does the job of Community Manager really consist of? What are the benefits of recruiting this expert to your team? Decryption.

Community Manager: Brand Reputation

The work of the Community Manager is based on four essential pillars which are:

  • The conception of ideas, of various contents;
  • Writing posts on social networks, impacting and generating traffic, but also various press releases ;
  • The animation of the community of a brand by a constant presence on the accounts to interact with the subscribers;
  • Reporting of all the communication strategies put in place, for constant development. This requires the creation of KPIs, these indicators making it possible to judge the success of a campaign or not.

At the end of 2021, the Moderator’s Blog demonstrated the versatility of the Community Manager profession by surveying these professionals. Thus, the daily tasks of the CMs are distributed as follows:

  • Account management (96%): to interact with the community, find new prospects, build customer loyalty,
  • Writing various content according to brand codes (80%),
  • Results analysis (KPIs) (76%),
  • The production of unique photos or images, appropriate to the desired medium, according to user preferences (75%),
  • Monitoring its brand and the competition (65%),
  • Customer relations (54%),
  • Video production: more and more present on social networks when we know how many Internet users do not read the content (43%),
  • Influence communication and press relations: seducing new prospects, informing about new products, finding partnerships with influencers, launching competitions, etc. (31%).

We therefore see that the Community Manager is totally dedicated to the management of the social and professional accounts of a brand. Indeed, this job cannot be invented and requires expertise and increased knowledge of the changing algorithms of social networks , to obtain good results. Internet users spend a lot of time on their phone, so you have to be there at the right time and seize digital opportunities right away.

Community Manager: Closer To Consumers

Having a Community Manager has many advantages. Among them, having a professional in constant contact with your clients . Thus, the professional can highlight the needs of consumers, the areas of vigilance or improvement to be explored. It can also report repetitive negative opinions on a product or service to consider an update, an improvement of these.

The Community Manager is the first to know about controversies, the latest news and consumer reaction. This therefore has a major influence on the reputation of companies. One thinks in particular of the advertising campaigns that are sometimes decried, of the wishes of Internet users to see companies react to social events and to get up to date with social and environmental actions.

This content manager moderates conflicts, provides answers to users, reassures the community, can also refer to customer service if necessary . It is a trusted ally who invites itself to the very heart of your consumers to identify their needs, their fears, and then allow you to react accordingly.

The Qualities Of The Community Manager

In view of all the roles embodied by the Community Manager, certain qualities seem essential to exercise this profession and especially to recruit the ideal expert.

The Community Manager must demonstrate:

  • A strategic vision of its profession: what are the objectives to be achieved, how to achieve them according to the activity of the brand and the image it wishes to convey?
  • Listening: to understand the values ​​of the company to be transmitted, the guidelines imposed, but also to listen to the community carrying ideas.
  • Developed curiosity: being able to take an interest in different media, learn about what other brands are doing, stay informed about innovations to promote appropriate, up-to-date and current content.
  • Editorial qualities: the Community Manager must adapt to the editorial line of the company or propose a new one. Nowadays, all styles are welcome. There are those who remain classic in their way of addressing users, those who take risks with shocking but impactful phrases. There are companies that rely on humor and puns, others that touch on emotion.
  • Organization: not insignificant quality when you know the number of tasks to be handled daily by the expert but also the need to program the content, their creation, etc. This requires having both macro and micro visibility to get by! Planning errors can be costly for the company, which sees the release of a new product, for example, as a strict process to follow!
  • Creativity: doing what others don’t. Stand out as the difference and face the competition with creative, original, attractive, and understandable content.
  • Trust: the expert, sometimes external to the company, must be able to be trusted. You hand over to him what you hold most dear today: your reputation or even some sensitive data about your company. The Community Manager must therefore be a reliable, professional person to consider a lasting partnership, over the long term.

The job of Community Manager therefore covers many aspects and remains essential to the reputation of a company. Experts also estimate 91% that Facebook remains one of the most effective media for boosting a company’s turnover and benefiting its e-reputation . Fine strategists, Community Managers did not exist a few years ago, but today they stand out as the pillars of a society.

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