Why Online Advertising Is Essential For Businesses

The rhythms, needs and means of communication in our possession have changed, and for this reason it is essential for companies to advertise online.

But do you know exactly what online advertising is?

How does it work and what types of advertising are there?

Is it always the correct choice?

Let’s clarify this important piece of digital marketing .

INTRO: What Is Meant By Online Advertising

Online advertising differs from offline advertising precisely because it is profiled through the web, through the internet.

But it also differs from traditional advertising because it is capable of being selective and can only be shown to those who may be genuinely interested in the product or service offered by the advertiser, i.e. the company that is issuing the advertisement.

It can really appear anywhere: browser, social networks, in your inbox, on any site you are visiting .

The goal is to be noticed, to attract traffic to the company’s website and to lead the user to action: purchase, add to cart or simply subscribe to the newsletter.

That’s why it’s important to be online for business success.

How To Advertise Online

Advertising online today is really within everyone’s reach and, if you don’t feel technically ready, you just need to contact a professional, even if it will be an extra cost to consider.

Online advertising has a cost that varies from platform to platform but also from the type of advertisement you intend to undertake.

Depending on your business, you can decide to publish ads in search engines, on social networks or via email marketing . or all 3!

It is up to you to decide where to invest, and how much, in advertising.

Types Of Online Advertising

Precisely because online advertising is everywhere there are so many types of ads.

The world of digital advertising is very promising but also very complex, so let’s try to shed some light.

Online Advertising On Google Ads

Google ads are all those advertisements that are published on Google and on partner sites, such as YouTube for example.

There are several types of Google ads:

  • campaigns on the search network: after having carried out a search in the search engine, the first results of the SERP are preceded by the word “announcement” and it is a textual advertisement that invites you to click on that site.
  • display campaigns: these are ads with an image, perfect for an ecommerce site as it highlights its products.

And also video, shopping, app and local business campaigns.

Google ads can really help you achieve your business goals.

Online Advertising On Social Networks

To date, social networks have increasingly become an excellent presentation and advertising opportunity for a business.

Instagram, Facebook and the other most famous social networks, for some time now, have given the opportunity to promote one’s business through advertising marketing campaigns.

Also because having a well-finished company social profile oriented to the target audience is very important, as much as promoting it to increase awareness of the brand even more.

Your ads will appear directly on the noticeboard of the social network in question or in the stories as in the case of Facebook or Instagram.

These are always targeted ads with the ability to analyze the progress of these ads to decide, if necessary, to block them or increase their strength.

Email Marketing

No well-studied marketing plan should exclude emails to be sent to its customers because this type of communication allows you to always stay in touch with the customer, informing them, for example, about the latest news, events or special discounts.

But it will certainly also be useful when we want to carry out a targeted marketing action , such as a cart recovery or a dedicated and personalized discount.


So what are the pros and cons of online advertising?

One of the great advantages of this type of advertising is that it can reach many target people directly , and therefore are potentially interested in the advertised product or service.

This implies that the advertiser, that is the one who does the advertising, has a greater optimization of the advertising spending budget because the flow is controlled and can also understand if the campaign is performing well or not.

On the other hand, however, we are faced with a type of advertising that is more detached from the customer since it does not allow for direct contact with people, arriving only when users are connected online.

It must be said that by now, the moments in which we are completely offline are very few, just think that the online advertisements now also reach us through notifications directly on the mobile phone, but the decision to click on it and be made is still up to the user. convince to find out more.

Precisely for this reason these ads will have to be particularly persuasive in a short time, this is possible by combining marketing strategies that take into account good graphics and adequate copywriting.

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