5 Tips For A Successful Recruitment Process

Recruitment is generally a sign of growth. At a certain point in the life of a company, the recruitment of new employees becomes a necessity in order to support the growth of its activity. Here are 5 tips for a successful recruitment process.

1. A Good Identification Of The Need

The recruitment process begins with the definition of the need, the profile sought, and the job description. This step saves time in the process and increases the chance of meeting the right profile.

The job description will help to disseminate recruitment announcements. It also serves as a guide to recruitment and interviews.

2. Choosing The Site For Posting The Ad

This depends mainly on the position to be filled. The ad can, for example, be posted on sites called job boards. Job board sites are available in free and paid versions. Job boards sites are websites that offer candidates job offers on the internet.

Recruiters, recruitment agencies or HR managers use these e-recruitment platforms to identify interesting candidate profiles. Apart from the job board sites, the ad can also be posted internally, on the intranet or on the company’s social network.

3. The Use Of The Sourcing Method

Sourcing consists of researching and collecting resumes by hunting or receiving applications. Hunting makes it possible to find relevant profiles through social networks , the company’s address book or that of employees. This method allows a direct selection of the interesting candidate.

4. Among The 5 Tips For A Successful Recruitment Process, The Timing Of The Job Interview

After the selection of profiles, it is time to meet the candidates. This is a relatively difficult step for both the recruiter and the candidate. But since this is a human-to-human interaction, the recruiter must ensure that the candidate is comfortable. With such a state of mind, he will be able to express himself on his appetite, his motivation, his conviction for the position. In short, allow him to justify his achievements, his technical, communicative and relational assets .

During the interview, trick questions or those evoking the qualities or faults of the candidate are not welcome. It is possible to ask the candidate to do a short test to quickly judge his abilities if the interview went well. Otherwise, the recruiter must ask himself why the interview failed.

5. Adoption Of The Onboarding Technique

Onboarding is also one of the 5 tips for a successful recruitment process. This is a final step and also the most important in the recruitment process. It consists of integrating the new employee into the teams and successfully recruiting.

For the new employee, onboarding is the first step in their integration into the company. The challenge now concerns the sustainability of the position and that of the new recruit.

The success of onboarding also depends on human and organizational factors. Onboarding is prepared upstream of the recruitment process. It must be included in the overall employer branding strategy.

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