Google Display Network (GDN): What It Is, How It Works And What It Is For

Online advertising is undoubtedly a crucial element for your business. Without it, you probably won’t get the visibility you need to attract visitors to your website. One of the countless terms that are part of online advertising is Google Display Network (GDN). But do you know what it means and what benefits it has for your company?

Internet advertising is an easily measurable channel, so from the outset you will know its degree of effectiveness. In addition, you choose where you want to appear to be seen and the degree of segmentation of it. And, in all this, where does Google Display Network come in? We’ll tell you then.

What Is Google Display Network?

Google Display Network is a network of websites and applications where Google Ads ads are displayed in different formats (text, images, videos, etc.). The Google Display Network is ideal for those advertisers who want to reach a wide and diversified audience, since it includes millions of web pages and applications of all kinds.

Advertisers can choose both the type of ads they want to show on the Google Display Network and the target audience they want to reach. In addition, they also have the possibility to use various tracking tools to measure the impact and performance of their ads and thus adjust their advertising campaign to obtain more results.

How Does GDN Work?

As we just saw, advertisers can use the Google Display Network to promote their products or services through the use of banner ads, video ads, mobile app ads, and other online advertising formats. The operation of this resource is very simple.

When a user visits a website or mobile app that is part of the Google Display Network, they will be able to see ads that have been personalized to their interest. This is achieved through cookies, which collect information about the pages the user visits , their Google searches and other data.

Advertisers can choose the type of ads they want to show, the target audience they want to reach, and the campaign budget. And, as we noted earlier, they also have a variety of tools at their disposal to track campaign performance and make changes in real time to get the most out of it.

What Is The Google Display Network For?

The main objective of the Google Display Network is to help your business reach its target audience more easily by displaying ads on websites and mobile applications of interest or related to your business. In fact, one of the main advantages of this system is its reach, since the network includes millions of websites and mobile applications.

Google Display Network uses Google’s advertising technology to display ads that are relevant to the user. In this way, the chances that the ads will be seen and that the user will click on it and visit your business increase.

On the other hand, the Google Display Network allows you to segment the audience of your business . Without going any further, you can show your ads only to those users of a certain age, gender or geographical location. You can also segment the audience based on their interests or browsing habits.

In short, Google Display Network is a very valuable tool for those businesses and companies that are trying to reach their target audience through advertisements. You will enjoy a wide reach and you will have the possibility to segment your campaign to save money and effort.

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