How To Fix A Cracked Phone Screen

A broken display is a problem that almost every smartphone user has encountered. The best solution is, of course, prevention with protective glass or a good cover. However, they will never provide 100% protection. When an unpleasant event in the form of a cracked or broken display meets you, you don’t have to despair. You can even deal with smaller cracks yourself.

Evaluate The Status Of Your Mobile Phone

Before embarking on major repairs, assess how badly your phone is damaged. If the screen glass is only slightly cracked, you can repair it with a little skill. However, if the extent of the damage is greater or the screen itself is also broken (you can tell by the errors in the image), it is time to think about whether professional help is a better solution.

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Small Damages: A Tip To Disguise A Cracked Screen

If the cracks on your screen are only small and concentrated only on the edges, you can easily mask them and stop their progress with super glue or clear nail polish. Both of these materials contain a chemical called cyanoacrylate, which has the ability to fill microscopic spaces and harden quickly and firmly.

If you decide to use this procedure, be careful to use only the necessary amount of product and remove excess quickly. Therefore, equip yourself with a large supply of napkins and, just to be sure, also with technical alcohol to possibly remove the glue.

Glass Replacement

If the original glass of your screen is more damaged, it is worth replacing it. However, this is a relatively demanding operation that is definitely not recommended to be done at home by yourself and can only be handled by a specialized service.

To repair the display and its glass, the phone must be completely disassembled and then reassembled. The glass must be removed from the display very carefully and gently at a specific temperature, which can take a lot of time due to its damage. At the same time, the environment in which such a repair takes place must be very clean so that unwanted bodies do not penetrate into the mobile phone.

Despite all these facts, replacing the glass is 30-40% cheaper than replacing the entire screen. However, it is necessary to check whether spare parts are available for replacing the glass and whether such a replacement is possible at all – often there is nothing left but to replace the entire display. But be careful – replacing the glass ends your phone’s warranty. So think about whether the money saved is worth the loss of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Protective Glass As Both Prevention And Solution

Protective glass is the best and cheapest way to protect your phone’s screen. If the phone falls to the ground, the screen will absorb most of the force of the impact, and if you see cracks, they will probably only be on the protective glass.

But when the worst comes to the worst and the display glass itself takes the fall, protective glass can still help you. Well-glued protective glass will prevent cracks from spreading further, so you don’t have to worry about the situation getting worse. At the same time, it prevents dirt and moisture from entering the phone through the cracks.

You can then choose specific protection for your phone from the wide range of protective glasses and phone cases in our e-shop.

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