What Is Your Planning For Digital Media In Customer Service?

The planning for digital media in customer service aims to provide the right specialists in the right place and at the right time and in sufficient numbers. With all the challenges that the fast, digital world brings with it.

Manage Digital Channels In Customer Service

The digitization of a call center serves to meet the demands of customers. Consumers, especially younger ones, often find digital channels more convenient and easier than telephone support.

A digital contact center aims to serve customers through digital channels such as email, chat, social media and other platforms. Support via the various channels does not exclude telephone support and is usually offered in addition.

Note The Maximum And Average Simultaneity Of The Channels

Dealing with all channels requires maximum and medium simultaneity. How many channels of all channels an agent can handle is the sum of the concurrency for each channel. The number of processes that an agent can process at the same time must also be taken into account.

Establish Intelligent Workforce Management In Customer Service

When there are overlaps or multiple interactions at the same time, complexities arise in understanding the utilization and the average handling time (AHT). The workforce management system, like the employees, must be able to cope with the simultaneous processing of multiple interactions. Incorrect system requirements can lead to an overload in the process.

Determine Average Processing Time

When it comes to the average processing time, the following questions arise:

  • How is AHT interpreted?
  • What is the interpretation for the limit when processing multiple customer requests?
  • How is the handling when dealing with customers and employees in the event of waiting times or a failure?

Define Goals And Definitions For Maximum Utilization

Response speed and reaction time are crucial for the optimal schedule and personnel planning in the contact center.

Channel Priorities

The guidelines regarding the priority of channels, the decision between the different communication options and other priorities must be clear for the employees in order to serve customers professionally and not to annoy them. Depending on the urgency and availability of time, the answer to an e-mail or a contact form can sometimes wait a day, since the requester does not expect an answer within a short time with this option. However, a caller should not wait more than two to three minutes for their call or chat to be answered.

Interruption According To Priorities

Depending on the prioritization, one channel may be more important than the other contact options when it comes to meeting the customer’s service requirements, so many companies prioritize workflows accordingly. Often the channels with an immediate response, such as chat or phone, require more and faster attention.

On interaction channels, the work of low-priority agents may be interrupted. The answer to the question of which interactions can be interrupted and how these interruptions affect the AHT in the various channels influences the planning and the calculation of the need for employees.

Planning ≠ A Plan

First, it is important to realize that planning is different from planning. A plan is a document or presentation that has a timeline. Planning involves an ongoing process, a process that brings people together. This circumstance allows the past, present and future to be viewed in different scenarios. Typically, many more scenarios are considered than are ever included in the plan itself. The implications of this process are largely immeasurable as they are behaviors. But just because it’s not possible to measure it doesn’t mean it doesn’t add value. It creates consensus, promotes cooperation and bonding, focuses energy and is an integral part of the organization.

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