Advertising And Digital Marketing

The digital marketing sector has grown in recent years. The digitalization of companies and the increase in the use of the Internet by society has led to more and more companies requesting marketing professionals to take charge of bringing their brand closer to customers. But do we know what digital marketing consists of?

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is all those marketing strategies carried out in the digital environment.
Globalization has caused users to turn to the Internet to find solutions to their problems, which leads companies to digitize their products or services. Some companies combine offline marketing with digital strategies, and others directly use all their efforts to reach their audience online.

There are many areas to consider within digital marketing strategies; some of the channels a company can use are the website, social networks or email, among many others. Each of them must have a specific strategy and well-defined objectives.

What Is Digital Marketing For?

Digital marketing helps companies reach their audience. Nowadays, society uses the Internet to buy products or acquire certain services; digital marketing allows users to find our company online.

Digital marketing has improved marketing strategies because the relationship with the public on the Internet is much more direct. It allows us to know them better to personalize our strategy and offer them what they are looking for.

Digital marketing allows us to accompany the user throughout the purchasing process, which will improve the user’s perception and turn them into a consumer of our brand.

Digital marketing allows us to carry out tests and test different strategies, in addition to offering us the possibility of having analytical control of each of the actions that we are going to carry out.

There are many companies that currently request professionals specialized in digital marketing and advertising to help them carry out the correct strategies in order to be visible on the network and show their products and services to potential customers.

What Is The Relationship Between Advertising And Marketing?

For those who are not part of this sector, advertising and marketing may be the same, or they do not know the difference between the two. We could say that advertising is one of the channels that marketing has.

Marketing is the set of actions that seek to market a product or service by bringing it closer to its audiences. Marketing tries to satisfy the needs of users since one of its tasks is to continuously analyze the market to find new ways to attract them to the brand or even to design new products and markets. This can give us the idea that marketing is not only the promotion of a specific product or service but that it can influence various factors, including even price. 

Advertising, for its part, is one of the areas of marketing that is responsible for the paid promotion of the product or service.

Thanks to the market study that we have mentioned previously, marketing also allows us to design products or services. Advertising, for its part, is responsible for making the product attractive to future buyers.

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