What Does A Community Manager Do?

Currently the concept of community manager has been spreading and qualifying within the field of digital marketing , while a knowledge has also flourished that has been popularly expanded externally to this field. However, there are still those who wonder -because they don’t know- what a community manager does in terms of management and what areas they handle.

Today we are going to try to break down what role this profile plays within a particular company or business. We are going to try to identify what functions he performs and what are the keys to his work on a day-to-day basis, trying to discover the main skills of a profile that is increasingly in demand in the workplace .

What Does A Community Manager Do In His Day To Day?

To try to identify the figure of a professional with community manager functions in a concrete, direct and very representative way, we could say that in general terms it is that person who monopolizes an outstanding ability and creativity as a manager and administrator of an audience in an online context . It could also be added that it acts as a communication link between a brand and the social community that surrounds it and/or potential public.

In short, it will be the channel and administrator of the contents that are projected in a bidirectional way between said brand and the user who establishes a relationship with it, mainly actively. 

Every Community Manager Plays A Strategic Role

For this, it is almost a fundamental requirement that this content manager have a defined x-ray of the target audience that makes up that particular community on the network. But beware! Also about that potential target likely to become one more fan of the account.

Functions Of A Community Manager

The tasks of a community manager in their day to day are diverse and varied . It is true that this daily work dynamic starts from an initial planning . This is based on a perspective that is structured with margins of action and generally in the medium term .

With the latter we refer, for example, to the scheduling of Facebook or Twitter content for the next month. Also in reference, for example, to the forecast of proposing a specific action coinciding with a relevant event for the sector in which the brand or business that is managed moves, etc.

Among the main tasks contemplated by the work dynamics of a community manager , it is worth highlighting the role of strategist that his condition implies. The correct development of the communicational and argumentative line that is implemented in the different channels will derive from its ‘script’ . For what purpose? Well, none other than reaching the KPIs and preset objectives to ultimately assess the good performance of the actions carried out.

Know How To Identify Communication Channels

oh! That is another question, since the work of a community manager also entails the need to try to define, differentiate, identify and execute small mini-strategies within each channel in relation to the general strategy.

What do we mean? Well, to the idea that each social profile is a loudspeaker that requires a different tone , form of expression and treatment of the message . Some factors that are based on the simple reason that each profile houses a disparate type of audience , beyond the fact that in its entirety a common meeting point of interest towards that brand, business or service can be created. 

Shape The Message According To The Context

Obviously, the essence , particularities and qualities of Instagram is different from that of LinkedIn. The functionality or intentionality of the audience when browsing these channels differs in their mission.

We could say that Instagram is a space oriented to ‘fun’, informality , closeness in an inspirational context , among others. Meanwhile, LinkedIn harbors nuances linked to the work and professional environment, where content of greater value is shared , where a sense of greater formality and opportunities for knowledge flourish , for example.

But hey, this introduced topic would require rolling up your sleeves to extend much further. 

Qualities Of A Community Manager

If you are considering hiring a professionalized Community Manager service to manage a business, you should know that you will explore a new field regarding the professionalization of the management of all the routine tasks that this work entails.

Freelance or digital marketing agency ? When you decide to hire a community management service, it is essential that the social channel manager meets a series of qualities. Which ones do we highlight?

  • writing skills
  • Proactive powers
  • creative talent
  • Training to put yourself in the user’s shoes
  • Sensibility when making decisions
  • With the ability to react to changes or a reputational crisis
  • Motivation and passion for your work

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